What is your Good Life? For me, it meant changing my career and putting the breaks on the stresses in my life (well, most of them, anyway!). I tapped back in to my creative side that had been shelved for too many years and created Luma – a fun, colourful, and easy-to-wear jewellery line. It makes me happy so who can argue with that?

In January 2014, my family and I rented out our house in Peterborough, Ontario, and headed down to Panama for a year (or more!) of adventure! Luma is sitting on the backburner while we are abroad and life got extra busy for me when we started home schooling our 7 year old daughter. But we are living an adventure so it is all worthwhile…!

Care to following along with my Good Life? You can find Luma on Facebook, Pinterest, and (my personal fave!) Instagram. I also have a lifestyle Instagram account where I share our adventures abroad, living our Good Life.

A_signature_1FINISHED    IMG_2617


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