The Studio

After many months of working in the satellite studio in Panama and then many months without a studio, I am so excited to finally have my Peterborough studio up and running again!

Besides a fresh coat of paint and a couple of small tweaks, the studio is pretty much the exact same as it was before we left for Central America. And how I LOVE my little studio – it is my own private sanctuary – to sing along to “bad” music to my heart’s content, to listen to trashy or thought-provoking audio books, and to let it get as messy as I want!!

Where the melted glass happens:

Torch-stationSQWhere the soldering and jewellery-making happens:work-counterSQ One of the changes I made was adding this slat wall… I am currently enamoured with slat wall (so much so that we will be covering a wall in our mudroom with it!!) and love that I can have most of my tools out where I can see them, grab them, and have a clearly defined spot where they belong (which I hope will help kick my habit of making HUGE messes!). slat-wallSQ And finally, my sewing nook…! This has little piece of heaven has been in my mind for years and it finally came together! It is in the house and in the closet of Señor Luma’s office. He has kindly given me a corner of his empire, to allow me a place to sew (for Luma – all of those silk ribbons get sewn by me! – and for Lumita to learn how to sew as she is very interested).


And it was about time that this studio got back up and running! There are just a couple more weeks until I participate in the 31st annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour! If you are in the area on September 26 and 27, be sure to come and visit me as well as the other artists! It is such a wonderful tour – and you get to see inside the artists’ creative spaces (MY favourite thing!!).



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