Island Creations in Roatan

Island-Creations-title-imageOur first day in Roatan, we stumbled into this little cafe we found right near the apartment that we rented. The cafe is called Sonrise and at first we thought that it was a spelling error but then we realized that it is a very clever name for the cafe as well as the church next door! I was intrigued by the for “Island Creations”, advertising handcrafted treasures, made right here in Roatan.

Island-Creations-10The cafe and gift shop share the space so after we ordered our “baleadas”, I walked through the shop. When I first took it all in, I was so very impressed – the colours were wonderful, the creations adorable, and this little gift shop could easily be plunked, as is, to a quaint village somewhere on the East Coast of the United States…

Naturally, I am a sucker for hand-crafted treasures – why go home from a wonderful vacation with mass-produced junk (usually made overseas and nowhere near where you are actually visiting)… And when these hand-crafted treasures directly support local residents who desperately need the income? WIn-win!

Once I started reading more about Island Creations and its mission to support those who need it most in their community, I was very impressed! Clearly stated on all of the literature and signage in the store is “Please know that anything you purchase is not for profit and could be feeding a family that otherwise would do without”. All prices are a donation, allowing shoppers to leave more than what is suggested.

Island-Creations-07I absolutely love the fabrics that the women use for the sewn items – so funky, modern, and fresh! The items created under the “Caribbean Girl” line are all sewn by local women and also include some lovely jewellery that the women design and create. There are also a group of men who create beautiful wooden pieces (I was rather tempted by the turtle-shaped cutting boards but space and weight are an issue for us until we get settled in Guatemala – then I can go wild since we can always get another bag to fly home with… 😉 ).

Island-Creations-04Both of the Lumitos were enamoured with the adorable sea horses (well, Lumita had to think long and hard about deciding between a sea horse or the totally precious jelly fish – she went with the sea horse in the end). Since coming home with their sea horses, the 2 kids have been happily playing with these wonderful creations.  Island-Creations-09

I was so impressed with both this little shop and am so thrilled that we are bringing a little bit of this part of Roatan home with us.


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