Hammering Out Our Travel Itinerary


It is less than 10 days until we head off and start our exciting adventure of travelling through Central America, before returning to Peterborough, Ontario. I want to share with you our (current) itinerary. (you can click on the above map for a larger version so that you can see the details a bit better).

A) We leave Boquete on March 2 and catch a bus from David to

B) Quepos, Costa Rica. We arrive that day in Manuel Antonio National Park for 4 nights. This park has been high on Señor Luma’s priority list for our travels so we are excited to have a bit of time there. From there we head north and stay somewhere overnight en route to Nicaragua (we’ll find a spot).

C) We arrive in Granada, Nicaragua where we will have 10 days or so to explore the colonial city and the surrounding area.

D) From there we will take a bus to Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras) where we will stay a night before catching a flight to

E) Roatan, Honduras (this is now March 21). We have a week booked in Roatan and have managed to rent a condo at the Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel. We are looking forward to hitting the beach, snorkelling, and relaxing at the pool (!!). Señor Luma has also gotten in touch with a lovely resort that has invited all of us to spend a day while he talks retreats with them. On March 28, we are flying from Roatan to

F) Belize City and then heading right over to Caye Caulker where we have 3 nights booked. We are looking forward to one more snorkelling extravaganza before heading inland towards

G) San Ignacio. We have 4 nights booked just before the Guatemalan border and we are excited to begin our introduction to Mayan ruins. On Easter Weekend, we head to

H) Tikal, Guatemala where we will stay 2 nights in Tikal National Park where we can explore the amazing biodiversity of the area as well as the spectacular history of this magical area. From this point on, we have a very loose itinerary (we felt the urgency to get reservations for the first part of our trip since we are travelling to highly touristic areas in high season.After our Tikal reservation, we have about 10 days to get to our final destination in Southern Guatemala for April 15).

I) Once we arrive in Antigua, Guatemala, Lumita and I will take a workshop with Mayan weavers, using the traditional backstrap loom as well as spend a couple of days exploring this beautiful colonial city.

J) On April 15 we arrive at our rental in Santa Cruz la Laguna where we will relax and explore the area for the next 6 weeks (and we hope to host some dear friends from Peterborough for a couple of those weeks!).

On June 2, we fly from Guatemala City to Toronto and we are very excited to return to Ontario at one of the most glorious times of year and have the whole summer to enjoy being back, before school starts up in September

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