A Week in Quito

El Panecillo

El Panecillo

At the end of January, I abandoned my family and headed off for a Ladies’ Week with my friend Gayle in Quito, Ecuador. Gayle and I met 15 years ago at an environmental education centre in Minnesota. Gayle is from the UK, but is in Quito for a few months as she conducts her PhD research (on inclusive urban mobility/transportation). Since we were going to be so close to each other, I decided to head down to see her. SeΓ±or Luma, Lumita (when she was all of 9 months old!), and I went to Ecuador in May 2007, but we hardly spent any time in Quito so I felt like I was headed there for my first time!

Let me just start by saying that Quito is FABULOUS! Friends of mine had been RAVING about it during (and after!) their time there, and so I was quite excited to have a whole week all to myself with a good friend. And after a year of being together (pretty much all. of. the. time.), it was nice to head off on an adventure, alone!

And while I do love travelling with my family and spending time together, it was so gloriously nice to go away and not have to worry about anybody, other than myself! And to be fully transparent, my family would not have enjoyed all of the wandering around the historic areas of Quito, visiting a basilica, standing around and watching the changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace, wandering around the artisan markets, etc… There would have been whining (from the Lumitos) and frustration (from SeΓ±or Luma).

Rather than blather on about all I did, why not browse through some of my favourite photos from my week (hover over the images to see the captions).

Such a wonderful trip and so wonderful to spend some fabulous time with a great friend!


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