Isla Palenque – Heaven off the Panama Pacific Coast!

Sometimes, you find a place so darned spectacular that you can’t believe that you are really there… That was the case on our recent trip to Isla Palenque, a private island resort in the island archipelago on the Pacific side of Panama. Let me share a little backstory to explain how we ended up there.

Before moving to Canada 12 years ago, Señor Luma worked as an ecotourism bird guide throughout Venezuela. Tourism was his love and his life – of course now those titles belong to me and the kids! 😉 While living in Canada, he became interested in health, nutrition, and wellness as a way to heal his own chronic health issues. Eventually, he started working as a personal trainer and nutritionist, helping other folks get their health on track. But the pull of tourism continued to tug at him until finally, we decided to bring our family down to Panama so that he could follow his dream of setting up wellness tours and retreats.

He has spent the past months since we arrived here visiting possible accommodations, checking out areas and locations, and working on his website and tour itineraries. Recently, he contacted the owner at Isla Palenque and presented his ideas and plans. The 2 met a few days later for a tour of the island and to discuss bringing the tours to this spectacular island and hotel. The meeting went so well, that our whole family was invited to stay on the island and experience its magic.

Fast-forward a few weeks later and our little Familia Luma was en route to this little piece of heaven. And heaven it was!!

The Lumitos and I spent our time either at the beach or at the pool (seriously – could life get ANY BETTER for a 3.5 and 7 year old?!). Meanwhile, Señor Luma explored the island, taking part in some of the fabulous tours that are offered. He was also busy taking lots of photos and videos to use for promoting the tours.

If you want to know more about what he is up to, why not head on over to his website, watch the video he made about the upcoming retreats, or read about his take on our Palenque experience. Be sure to stay in touch if you want to know about his tours – they are going to be AMAZING!!



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