Recycled Silver!



I am sper excited to announce that all silver used in my jewellery is now 100% recycled silver!

Since before I began Luma, I have always known that sourcing my materials ethically was a hugely important part what I want my business to be, do, and represent (12+ years as an environmental educator means that nature and I are rather connected and I care rather deeply about this planet!). 🙂

I recently opened an account with United Precious Metals in Alden, New York which I learned about through a recommendation by Ethical Metalsmiths. For me, “greenwashing” is far too prevalent in our world now and so I pored through all of the information on United Precious Metals’ website to make sure that they are the real deal, and not just on the “eco trend train”. Not that I am some authority on this, but after reading through it all AND talking with them on the phone, I feel satisfied that I am supporting a good business!

I will be purchasing all of my plate metal (flat metal) and wire from UPM (from which I make earring hooks, eye pins, jump rings, rings). Currently, the bulk chain that I purchase as well as already-made beads are not from certified recycled sources so I will continue to search for suppliers who can help me meet that need.

When I worked as the Nature Interpreter at Pukaskwa National Park in Northern Ontario, I lived in the town of Marathon, ON. The town’s motto was “Built on paper, laced with gold” because it addition to being home to a large (but now defunct) pulp and paper mill, there was a very large gold mine, the Hemlo Gold Mine. While I lived there, I heard all kinds of stories – from people who worked there to fellow park employees who went on tours there, about the HUGELY terrible impacts that gold mines have on not only the planet, but the people who work there. Because of this experience and how close to home it hit for me, I knew that finding a supplier of recycled and ethically produced silver was really important for me to feel good about what I make.

And really, what good is it to wear happy, shiny, colourful jewellery if it is weighed down with land deforestation, pollution, and injured and sick workers?

Head on over to the website to see what kind of ethically happy and sustainable treasures are currently available!



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