“I’m busy” and the Excuses Trap

Life gets busy, eh?

Let me make a list of what has been keeping me busy for the past 3 months:

  • Christmas and a product-based business – need I say more?!
  • moving out of our house and moving abroad (have I already mentioned here that I DO NOT recommend EVER doing that at Christmas-time??)
  • travelling and vacation (yes, this can keep one VERY busy!)
  • kids being on summer vacation – yes, SUMMER VACATION in Panama happens from Dec -mid-Feb)

Those are the macro things that have been keeping me busy… Of course the more micro things include:

  • social media (DANG – it is so easy to get lost in there!)
  • re-taking “Laying the Foundation” with the Flourish & Thrive Academy (we get life-time access and this re-book is exactly what I am needing!)
  • having a family (you know, doing fun stuff with them, making meals and cleaning – we have no dishwasher here!).
  • getting to know a new town, country, culture, language, etc… (not sure if this falls under “micro”…).

I just read this blog post by a fellow colleague from my Flourish & Thrive community and as I read through it, I sat there nodding my head. I am so guilty of poor time management (Hello! I  used to work in a job where a BELL rang all the time to keep me on track! Perhaps it is time to start using a timer…!). No more excuses about being “too busy”.

I have dreams to achieve and goals to meet! I can’t do that if I am making excuses about being “too busy”. Let me let you in on a little secret – I’m not “too busy”. I need a TIME MANAGEMENT re-set.

Her post has been a great kick in the pants to get my time management organized and on track. First step today: pull out a helpful notebook and make a list of the most important things that I want to do today, the remainder of this week, and the remainder this month!

Thanks Melissa!


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