Coming up for a quick breath!

GULP!! Just going to grab a GREAT BIG BREATH before I head back down… Let me offer a suggestion for you: if you intend to vacate your house to go and live abroad, DON’T do it right before Christmas when things are already crazy busy with the holidays… Just offering up some insights from my experiences. I feel like I have been juggling LOTS and trying to keep everything up in the air – forgive me for all of the things (metaphorical and actual) that I have dropped!

I am calling this "Self Portrait, Dec 2013". You see, I have dropped a couple of snowflakes...

I am calling this “Self Portrait, Dec 2013”. You see, I have dropped a couple of snowflakes…

We are leaving our house in 7 days… Gulp! S E V E N days… That is not very long, eh? On Dec 21, the tenants will be moving in to our apartment in the house and we will head to my mother’s house in the Laurentians (and wear out our welcome with a 3-week stay before flying south to Panama on Jan 15). Do we have a place to live yet in Panama? Nope! (does that worry us? Also nope!).

Currently, our house is looking more empty of the “stuff” that congests our lives (but there is still a ways to go!). The walls are starting to be painted and freshened up (4 years ago we started painting the walls and we finished this week!!). Boxes of things to get packed and sent or put in the basement for storage are every where! We knew that getting things ready would be a Big Job, but we also know that the efforts will be well worth it!


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