Ladies and Gentlemen…

… start your engines!

Disk "buttons" for the new Silk Wrap Button Bracelet.

Disk “buttons” for the new Silk Wrap Button Bracelet.

This is a bit how I feel… November is gonna by B U S Y ! ! It seemed like a great idea to try to pack November as much as I could (y’know, to take advantage of the holidays – the time when us artisans to tend to make the most sales), but now I’m a wee bit nervous of how to get it all done… But then I think that I could be writing progress reports/report cards) on my evenings and weekends (while of course still doing my more-than-full-time job) and planning several evenings to get through all of my parent-teacher interviews, and I know that I am going to be just fine!

I thrive under pressure… Ok, maybe “thrive” is a bit misleading. Maybe “get-by-just-fine-cause-I-need-to-have-a-fire-set-under-my-pants” is more true. I have always been that way and I wish that I wasn’t, but after almost 37 years, I feel like change is far off…

A rainbow of colours!

A rainbow of colours!

So get out your calendars and mark down where I am going to be so that you can come and find me (cause as of January, you know where I am going to be!)

November 9 (yup, TOMORROW!), Make it Indie, Cobourg, ON. (10am-4pm)

November 15, 16, & 17, Craft and Artisan Fair, Glebe Community Centre, Ottawa, ON. (Fri 6-9pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm)

November 23 & 24, Christmas at the Marshlands Centre, Lakefield, ON. (10am-4pm both days)

November 29, 30, & December 1, Woodlawn Pottery Show and Sale, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON (Fri 5-9pm, Sat, 10am-5pm) **I am honoured to have been selected as the show’s Guest Artisan!**

November 30 & December 1, Artisans At Work, 2071 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON (Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm)

AND new this year (and I am so so so excited about!), you can find Luma at 2 brick and mortar shops/galleries this holiday season!

If you are close in Peterborough, you can find a selection of my treasures at Gypsy Barn, 41 Park St. South, Peterborough, ON.

And if you are in Collingwood, look for my fab display at Winter’s Gift at the Arts Centre, Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, 163 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON.

A big ol' bundle of bracelets!

A big ol’ bundle of bracelets!

December will be a little less busy (haha!! Who am I kidding… Not only is that the month of CHRISTMAS but we are having to be out of our house so that the renters can be in and we are headed to my mum’s place in the Laurentians for a few weeks before we fly out on Jan 15). BUT, since I “thrive under pressure”, everything is going to be just fine… I am even planning an “open house” of sorts so that local Peterborough Luma Lovers (who don’t want to drive ALL OF THE WAY up to Lakefield) can get some shopping done!

Signing off to go and fill up my tank!

PS – interested in those bracelets you are seeing in this post? Head on over here!


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