Evolution of a Craft Show Booth, Part 2

I TOLD you this wasn’t over yet. Here’s where you can find Part 1.

Now, where I left off… Basically, for the rest of the summer in my 10×10 tent, I continued to play around with the layout of the “furniture”. I felt like my vision was finally coming to life once I introduced old wood windows!

Old wood windows as display frames.

Old wood windows as display frames.

This was starting to give me the feel that I was looking for, but something was still missing… Displaying vertically was still a challenge and I knew that I was nearing the end of my summer shows and moving on to indoor shows that were going to be a 6-ft table. How was I going to go vertical on a table?

At the Danforth East Arts Fair show, I met the people that changed my booth display – FOREVER! In conversations with them, and checking out the front (and back!) of their booth, we came up with a FAB booth display plan.

Here it is in action!

Here it is in action!

The set up in the photo is a 6-ft table with my display on top. I am AMAZED and thrilled at how much in can hold! I will be sharing a little blog post in the very near future about how I built this new display. I have since used it again this past weekend and and totally happy with it! I kind of wish that I could rewind to early July and start again with this display (but have it “bigger” to work with the 10×10 tent!

Now that I have a set up that I am truly happy with (yes, it took about 13 tries!!), I can focus on getting product ready for the holiday shopping rush!


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