Ringing in October!


Remember how I went back-to-school? Well, I missed the first class cause I had a show in Toronto, but I got to go this past Thursday and just LOOK at what I made!!


It is a simple copper band ring, but I MADE A RING!! I have been a little intimidated about making rings – my soldering skills are less than practiced. The first time I took the course, I didn’t do too much soldering so I have ended up putting soldering and most projects that involve soldering on a bit of a pedestal… But it really wasn’t all that bad. With the right tools and some excellent guidance from the instructor, I was able to make a really great ring!! I am a little worried that this ring worked out so well because I had beginner’s luck on my side.

Now that I have made 1 ring, I can’t stop thinking about ALL of the rings that I could make… I also have some exciting ideas of ways that I want to merge both glass AND the metal.

I think that I am going to prep up a bunch of silver rings to solder at school NEXT Thursday (yes, when it comes to jewellery school, I am a TOTAL keener who gives herself EXTRA homework to do during the week!). I am rather desperate for Thursday to come again.


PS – sorry about the crummy quality of the photos – they were snapped with my phone camera (though I am trying to convince myself that the crummy quality improves the artistic effect of the photo!).


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