Back to School


Sure, the majority of you were in “back to school” mode a few weeks (and so were we here at Casa Luma – the 2 lumitos headed back to school and daycare after Labour Day like most folks). But me, I barely had time to raise my head and breathe through it all (and DIDN’T manage to snap the “First Day of Grade 1” photo of Lumita and “Back to Daycare” photo of Lumito… I might just stage a fake “first day back” photo). With having 3 weekends of back-to-back shows for the first weekends of September, I now feel a big sense of “ahhh!” as I relax, knowing that I am free this weekend!

But now I get to go “back to school”. Starting Thursday, I will be back-to-(the Art)-school (of Peterborough), taking another jewellery class with Sandy MacFarlane! I am so wonderfully excited! I have had a number of ideas of pieces that I would like to make, and am lacking the skills to do so. But not for long!

Unfortunately, I will miss my first class (I know… They might have to call the truancy officer on me!) as I will be a vendor at the first ever Handmade Marketplace at Blissdom, a blogger conference happening in Toronto. While I am a bit bummed about missing the first day of school, I won’t be missing much as the newcomers will be learning how to set up their jewellers saw and saw some metal.

PS – if you happen to live within a close enough distance to the Delta Meadowvale in Missisauga, the Blissdom Handmade Marketplace is open to the public:  this Thursday 4-8pm and Friday 8am-5pm. Tell you friends and say “hi” if you come over.


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