Summer Lovin’…

A little selfie with the Boquete landscape behind me.

A little selfie with the Boquete, Panama landscape behind me.

It’s been a month since I posted here. And I’m ok with that; life is busy, and I like it that way!! I LOVE having this busy kind of summer… All of my teacher friends are gearing up for “back to school” and I am happily chugging along, knowing that I get to stretch my summer in to September!

I had a couple of lovely shows in the last month: London Home County, Collingwood Arts and Music Festival, and the Gravenhurst’s Dockside Festival of the Arts. I have certainly kept busy with these shows! Now I have a couple of weeks “off” as I gear up for a busy September: 3 shows, back to back (2 in Toronto and 1 one here in Peterborough).

And of course, I’m looking forward to Christmas as it is just around the corner (yes, I know, the shops are already cleaning up the back to school supplies and the Halloween decorations will be for sale next wee, and as soon as those are gone, the Christmas stuff will come out – see? I TOLD you it was just around the corner!).

The next couple of weeks are bound to keep me busy. Señor Luma and I just returned from a week in Panama while the 2 Lumitos stayed with my sister and her family. Naturally, the kids are a MESS now that we are home – we can’t even walk out of the room without them losing it and thinking that we are never coming back! (Trust me, they had a FABULOUS time with my sister and her family – they barely even missed us! But now that we are back, it is a whole other story!). In addition to building up more inventory for the coming shows and holiday season, I have to build a small deck to get in to my studio… While I am unsure how to do that, I will do a quick google search and tap in to some lovely friends who have said they are happy to help.

But at this moment, I am still trying muster up enough energy to unpack my suitcase…


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