London Home County Re-cap

It has been a week since I have returned from the London Home County Festival. London is a long drive from Peterborough and I had a family who really wanted my attention, upon my return. This past week has been a busy one – getting ready for Lumita’s 6th birthday party and then spending the weekend at my sister’s cottage.

As I gear up for this coming weekend’s show in Collingwood, I think back to my last show. I had high hopes for London Home County and unfortunately, it fell a bit flat… I experienced first-hand how location is everything at a craft show (let’s be honest, location is everything everywhere!!). My little tent was set up just off the main thoroughfare and it was amazing to see how few people made the long 10-foot crossing from the main path to my smaller path. I told myself that those people who actually did come in to my booth, REALLY wanted to see what I had!

But despite this blip, I really had a great weekend! The heat was unbearable on the Friday, but I was thankful to be staying with my friend’s parents who had not only air conditioning, but a swimming pool!! (Casa Luma lacks BOTH of these amenities!). I was also extremely thankful that the severe weather systems that moved through most of Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec, seemed to by-pass London entirely! We had some rain come through on Friday evening, but it was vertical rain (meaning it fell straight down and there was no wind), and then the air cooled by Saturday morning. Reports from my vendor neighbour whose husband was selling up in Bracebridge at the Muskoka Arts and Crafts Show made me thankful that I wasn’t there; a TREE actually came down in the park, while the who was open!).

As always, I made friends with my neighbours at London and am starting to feel like I am becoming part of a larger craft show family!


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