Mariposa Recap

I had a REALLY short turn-around time between Artfest Kingston and the Mariposa Folk Festival. I stayed in Kingston until Tuesday morning and so I got home around noon on Tuesday. I had to be set up in Orillia at Mariposa by Friday afternoon. I had a lot to do to get ready for the next show. And of course, I wanted to spend some time with my family.


Set up at Mariposa – quite the change from the weekend before!

My highest priority for my 3 days in between the show was revamping my booth set up. I really wasn’t very happy with the set up in Kingston. When people walk in to my tent, I want them to be walking in to something that I am proud of. This is my own Moveable Shop, my chance to play with it and make it MINE!


Setting up my new tent!! There are so many wonderful things about it!

And the most important thing to any shop is the physical space. My new tent arrived on Wednesday afternoon and Señor Luma and I immediately ripped it open and set it up in the backyard. Just look at it. The windows, the walls, the canopy… SWOON! My only wish is that it had an awning… But otherwise, it is perfect!


Practicing the set up in the Big Shed in my backyard.

I then spent a day playing with the set up. I knew that I wanted to get rid of 1 of the tables and wanted to replace it with a smaller and taller table against the back wall. I had trouble finding such a table and while hunting, came across the plastic utility shelving shown above. It comes apart and stacks up very small – it was PERFECT! I divided the unit in 2, giving me a taller shelf with 3 layers, and sawed the legs down on the 2-layered shelf to make it a bit shorter. I also knew that I wanted to take advantage of the vertical space in my tent so with a handy friend who loves to be challenged by puzzles, we brainstormed ways for me to do this. In the above picture, you can see the pine lumber that we used to allow me to go vertical. Thankfully, my jewellery is rather lightweight so this worked wonderfully!


The view from my spot.

As I drove up to Orillia, I got caught in a torrential rain storm – seriously torrential! Thanks to my new tent, I didn’t have any anxiety about it! Luckily, the weather cleared shortly after I arrived at Tudhope Park and began to set up. Setting up this show on Friday afternoon took me a really long time as it was a new set up. My mother was there to offer help, but unfortunately I couldn’t tap in to her willingness to assist as I was figuring things out as I went.


Display detail of the reLuma line (I brought the hay rake in to the tent as it was raining. It is supposed to be just outside of the tent so it is not this “visually busy”!).

Mariposa is a great festival and I have attended it for many years, as a spectator. There was a great musical line up (Kathleen Edwards, Mo Kenney, and Arlo Guthrie were my top picks of music to catch), fabulous artisans (though I might be biased!), and the location is glorious!


Display detail at the front of the tent.

Again, I had fabulous neighbours. To my right was Judy (and her lovely family) of Kukucaju. Her husband Jim (an industrial designer) kept coming over to admire my tent (much the way I had the weekend before, when it was my neighbour who had the tent!). I also spent some time chatting with Aimee of Sylph Clothing and happily went home with one of her tunic/dresses… As well, I got to meet the lovely Naomi of Opal Wing Creations as I had heard lots about her from friends who had their wedding bands done by her (the rings are GORGEOUS!!).


A little Luma mood lighting!

Never having worked as a vendor at a music festival, I didn’t realize how late the vendors stayed open for. I had picked up some lights a few months ago and it was exciting to put them to use at Mariposa! I intend to pick up a couple more lights so that I brighten up the booth a bit more (my next show, London Home County Music & Art Festival will have some late nights again, so it is good to be prepared!). The late nights, coupled with my early morning wake ups (and the heat wave that hit Orillia on Saturday) made for a Very Tired Annie. Fingers crossed that even if there are long nights in London, I will still able to sleep to a reasonable hour (I don’t ask for much, but I would be happy to sleep past 7am!).


I truly am amazed at what I can fit in to that Honda Fit!

With all of these booth changes, I have to always remember the size of my car… We recently acquired a Honda Fit and this little car has been AMAZING. With some creative packing, squeezing, and shoving, it am astounded that the contents of the entire tent are able to fit in to this little car – guess they called it “Fit” for a reason!

It was wonderful to be part of this show and am thrilled with how I transformed the booth set up for it! It was a lot of work, but well worth it, in my opinion!


One thought on “Mariposa Recap

  1. I’m so proud of you!!! is that allowed? I don’t care lol I just love what you’ve got going on in this new setup. Looks awesome, love the vertical – so nice on customer’s necks, love how compactable – love how it shows off the art you’ve got to sell. YAY!!

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