Soggy Set-up

My rather sad-looking tent as I left it in the rain on Friday afternoon...

My rather sad-looking tent as I left it in the rain on Friday afternoon…

Aah, the craft show! Up until now, I have been VERY lucky re: craft shows… All were inside until I did the June 15 Art School of Peterborough’s Art Market. And once I WAS outside on June 15, it was a GLORIOUSLY sunny (though windy!) day. Everything was hunky dory: the tent didn’t blow away, it kept the sun off of me… Basically, I was LUCKY!

I arrived in Kingston on Friday, in the “light rain” (the news announcers on the radio were calling it light, I wasn’t wearing a rain jacket, so I guess it WAS light). I grabbed a friendly neighbour to help me put my tent up, and I wasn’t worried about the tent – I had WATERPROOFED it with fancy sealer just 2 days before! Within less than 30 minutes of getting the tent up, it started dripping… 30 MINUTES!!!! By the time I had struggled with the walls and the weights, there were puddles on the tables inside the tent… If this was my tent in “light rain”, I was in BIG TROUBLE if there was “heavy rain”. Talk about discouraging! I dashed off to grab a tarp to put over the canopy as there were threats of thunderstorms overnight (of course, I didn’t get a big enough tarp so that resulted in MORE struggles and feeling MORE discouraged).

At some point in the afternoon, I went behind a tree to call home and have a little cry… I was alone, in the rain, being eaten by mosquitoes, struggling with a tent that I was starting to hate, and I had just realized that I had forgotten to pack my beautifully framed prints of my jewellery (I’m quite pleased with these photos and got lots of lovely compliments about them at the Art Market Show…). Basically, I was feeling rather sorry for myself.

I generally aim to be one of those up-beat people who tries to stay positive (at least with strangers… I can’t usually keep it together for my family!) and I signed up for this knowing that I could have entire weekends like this (the weather is looking much improved this afternoon and the rest of the weekend, but I ain’t holding my breath!), so I didn’t want to become grumpy and complainy. After my little sobfest with Señor Luma, I felt much better…

I closed up my little tent as best as I could (considering I couldn’t make that front zipper actually do up, hence the bungee cords – they give a real feel of “this tent is closed, don’t come in!” wouldn’t you say?!) and headed off to my dear friends who I am staying with here in Kingston. I got to their home, got warm and wonderful hugs that helped banish away the feelings of self-pity and had a glorious evening of delicious food (including chocolate ice cream with decadent toppings – chocolate always helps you feel better ). I also pulled up the website for the tent that my neighbour across from me is trying out this weekend before she buys it. Her tent looks great (but the part that I am MOST drooly over (in addition to the windows, obviously!!) is the PVC coating on the fabric that makes in WATERPROOF!!!). I can’t go through the summer (and 6 more shows after this one!!) with a tent that leaks and drives me to tears, so if this one is better, I will be placing an order asap and crossing my fingers that it arrives before next weekend’s show at the Mariposa Folk Festival!

It was calm on the weather-front overnight, so I am hoping that my tent doesn’t look TOO much worse then when I left it, yesterday afternoon… Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Soggy Set-up

  1. Oh dear my little Luma, that all sounds frightful!! I’m hoping that you have a great day today!!!!

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