Gearing Up!


I’m heading down to Kingston this weekend to take part in Artfest. I’m off to play with the Big Kids! This is my first 3-day show. When I tell people that I will be there, some of them are impressed (secretly, I kinda feel the same way!).

I think I’m ready:

  • waterproofed tent canopy – check!
  • weights to keep the tent from flying away – check!
  • inventory – check! (I HOPE! I have never done a 3-day show… I made up lots of beads, headpins, and recycled glass donuts so that I can create pieces while I’m away, should I prove to have a “best seller”)
  • display stuff – check!
  • survival kit – check! (you know, screw drivers, duck tape, rope, etc… Just realized that there’s no CHOCOLATE in that kit… Better go and fix that!)
  • treats for the lovely friends who are letting me stay with them this weekend – check!
  • excited, positive attitude – check!

The weather is looking iffy (the Weather Network tells me it is currently raining in K-town…  It might improve by Sunday and Monday… Please cross ALL of your fingers for me!!). But it’s Canada Day Long Weekend, the official start of summer (in my books, at least!) and I am excited for my weekend. Are you excited for your’s?


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