Born-Again Jewellery

May is a time of re-birth – the flowers, the animals, the jewellery…


While on a recent trip home to my mother’s house, I had brought many of my jewellery-making tools (to get some work done while I was visiting – there are no holidays!). One day, I noticed an old, tarnished baby bracelet on my mother’s bed. It must have fallen out of something as my mother had not seen in years. It had been given to her when she was born (being the first-born child of her parents, she was obviously more doted upon than her younger sisters – so typical, eh? Can you tell that I am NOT a first-born child?). The baby bracelet was engraved on one side with “Baby Rogers” and on the other side “Judy from Mrs Brown”. She has no idea who Mrs Brown is…


With a few hours in the tumbler polisher, it was rejuvenated!


And with some longer chain, this old baby bracelet was transformed in to a simple little necklace.



My mother turns 70 years old at the end of the month. I don’t think that there could be a more perfect birthday present for her – the baby bracelet that she was given at birth transformed in to a new necklace!

If you have old jewellery filling up your drawers or jewellery box, consider transforming it in to something new. Mix up parts of different pieces to make something fresh and exciting. Add a new chain to create a whole new look. The possibilities are endless!


Happy Birthday, Mum!


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