reLuma Rings

When I first caught on to recycling glass bottles in to beads to use in my jewellery, I was blown away! I was so excited that little old me could make something so fabulous from trash (of course, not quite as fabulous as my toilet paper roll crafts obviously!). With great enthusiasm, I borrowed a wet tile saw from the neighbours and cut the neck and bottom off of bottles so that I could use the body of the bottle to cut into long strips to use to melt the beads. I was then left with the necks and bottoms of the bottles, and was wondering how I could use those…

Then I realized that my kiln can do more than just anneal beads – it can also fuse glass! So, I cut the necks off of the bottles to create glass rings. I had some trouble doing this and did a bit of a messy job… But I gotta start somewhere! And Earth Day right around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to turn trash in to treasured jewellery!

Glass rings - a bit rough around the edges...

Glass rings – a bit rough around the edges…

Of course, I returned to my alma maters the University of Google and }he College of Youtube to find out HOW to fuse these rings… After conducting my research, I contacted Hues in Glass, a local stained glass and glass fusing business to chat with them about their thoughts on all of this. I also picked up some fibre paper from them (the equivalent of parchment paper for the kiln!). With my confidence bolstered, I headed home, ready to load the kiln!


Rings all loaded in the kiln

I programmed the kiln and walked away… Boy, waiting was hard!! I was so excited to see what was happening in there, but I had to wait 20 (yes, TWENTY) hours! After all of that waiting, here is what I opened up and saw:


Oooh!! Melted glass!

Some are wonky, some are less so… I picked out my favourites and went all “paparazzi” on them!!





And just so none of these glass rings developed a complex, I snapped a picture of the really wonky ones. I will need to do some more research as to why the blue glass didn’t melt like I thought. I wonder if it had something to do with how rough the cuts were…


While visiting my new friends at Hues in Glass, I viewed their bottle-cutting system… Much more precise than my system…Is it ok to have diamond-blade-band-saw-envy?? I’m curious to find out if smoother cuts will mean more consistent rings. I feel more research projects in my future!!

Now, what do you think I am going to make with these?!?!


2 thoughts on “reLuma Rings

  1. Funky accessory belts with rings strung together with the silk ribbon in your basement…or long dangly necklaces…

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