Design Ideas


I KNEW that my addiction to HGTV was going to pay off…! For years, I watched all kinds of episodes of all kinds of design shows and I must have filed what I learned some where in my brain (cause clearly NONE of them were ever applied to my house!).

The other day, I gathered up some fabulous jewellery-artisans-in-crime and we headed to Pickering (about an hour away) to visit the Creative Bag (a packaging store). Oooh!! The colours! The bags! The tissue papers and ribbons!! It was a really fun day! We all loaded up on packaging supplies to get ready for the upcoming show season.

One of the things that I picked up were some basswood trays (when I read the receipt, they were called “disposable wooden trays” – DISPOSABLE?!?! Geesh! I intend to get LOTS of use out of these things!). I had visions of some type of greenery lining the bottom of the tray and gorgeous, shiny, fantastic Luma jewellery being displayed on top. Like Astroturf… Only classier!


Today I took some time to run around town to try to find just the right stuff. I was starting to give up hope and was figuring I would have to let my fingers do the walking on the world wide web, but at the LAST store I decided to try: shazzam! Adhesive moss mat! So THAT is what I was looking for!! I used my coupon (making it an affordable purchase), and bought 1 to try it out – yahoo! I LOVE it!


The moss mat is really thin and flat. This means that most of the moss is adhered to the mat part, which is good (this means fewer little bits of moss flying around!). And I think that this looks way classier than  Astroturf!


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