Flight of the Butterflies

Back in a previous life (one that I miss tremendously!), I worked as an environmental educator and nature interpreter and I used to spend LOTS of time with fellow Nature Nerds… Then I got a “better” job as a classroom teacher and the fun of going “mothing” at 1am at the light of vending machine of the park gates, taking 40 minutes to walk 25 metres as I identified mosses and lichens, and other such glorious adventures got pushed to the wayside. In the summer of 2008, I got involved with an organization where passionate educators trained other educators to use monarch butterflies to teach across the curriculum.


One of the many monarchs I have raised in recent years.

Over the years since that first workshop I took, I have become involved by volunteering my time to help facilitate these summer workshops for other teachers, have brought monarch in to my classroom to connect students to these amazing little insects, set up displays at local “nature day” events, and the biggest one: turned my front lawn in to a Monarch Waystation.

My Monarch Waystation garden

My Monarch Waystation garden

When I started making jewellery, I knew that I wanted to find a way to create jewellery that represented my love for monarch butterflies. After much thought and trials, the Monarch Impression line from Luma came to be. I did such a small run for the first batch that I sold out rather fast and have some requests from people to notify them when they are back in stock.

The raw form of my Monarch Impressions jewellery.

The raw form of my Monarch Impressions jewellery.

For me, these littles butterflies mean so much: hope, faith, and determination as they migrate south and north; transformation and rebirth as they hatch from a tiny egg and grow from caterpillar to chrysalis, and then hatch again as a breathtaking butterfly; fragility yet strength as these tiny creatures search for nectar sources for the adult butterflies and milkweed, the only food source for the caterpillars.


A finished Monarch Impression pendant. Each one is completely unique

Currently, I do not have these in stock, but just as the monarchs have begun their northward migration from the mountains of Mexico where they spent the winter, there will soon be a migration of monarchs in to my jewellery shop.

Yesterday, I loaded myself on a bus with fellow monarch enthusiasts and headed to the Ontario Science Centre to view the amazing film “The Flight of the Butterflies”. If you have not yet seen this fabulous Omnimax film, here is a little teaser to help get you there!


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