My Little Shop


After sending out those 15 or so show applications back in February, it has been exciting to find out that I have been selected to some of them!! And so now my brain has shifted from “Show Application Mode” to “Booth Perfection Mode”. Oh, I know that I will not perfect my booth until the LAST show of the season, but for now I am totally engrossed with surfing the web, looking for booth inspiration!

Today I popped in to a local shop that recently opened up here in Peterborough, Circus. It is home to beautifully refinished and reclaimed treasures – furniture, some accessories… I could have easily dropped a large chunk of change of 3 pieces that had me drooling while there.

While chatting with one of the owners, I realized that with all of the upcoming shows, I get to create my very own little store! My house is a total disaster as I live with 3 other people (2 of them are under 6 years old!) and a big sheddy dog in a VERY small house. I’ve seen all the magazines, I KNOW that we could have a home with much more style, but the reality is that we don’t! We are lucky if we get the kitchen cleaned at the end of the day and the toys thrown back in the basket before they get tossed out (so instead, we live amongst the mess).

But enter my booth… In many cases, it is my own little 100 square foot store that I can design, accessorize, and make it match my deep design desires. So what am I thinking?

  • chic and sleek
  • clean and uncluttered
  • rustic with modern minimalist

While walking the One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale last weekend, I spent my time absorbing people’s displays. I wished that I had the courage to have asked to snap some photos of the ones that really jumped at me, but so far, I have them fairly well filed in my memory.

Curious to know what images have been grabbing me the most? Head on over to my new Pinterest board and check them out!


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