Show List To Date

Back at the end of February, I sent off about 14 applications to different shows. They had all kinds of deadlines (some weren’t until June!) and are all around Southern Ontario (if I had a friend who lived there who I hoped would let me crash at their house, I applied to the show!). Slowly, I am starting to hear back from some of the shows.

So far, I received positive responses from:

and just yesterday:

WOW!! 5 shows already… ZOIKS!!!! FIVE shows!! And 2 of them are in May, and it already the first weekend of April, which means May is SOON!!! Last night, I headed back out to the studio for a late evening and creating and making. It is all a bit of guesswork – who KNOWS if anyone will actually buy any of the jewellery I make and bring, but I certainly can’t have an empty booth, so off I go to create little jewels that I hope will find homes in the months to come…

I will keep my website up-to-date under the “Find Us” tab at the top left so that if you are wondering where I am, you will be able to find me!


Calm and relaxing – a scenic vista from our recent trip. As things get more and more busy in the months to come, I will return to this “happy place”!


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